European Trademark and Design Attorney


Lawyer - LL M; LL M in European IP Law

Education and Experience


  • LL M, Stockholm University
  • LL M in European Intellectual Law, Stockholm University



  • Legal Officer - The Swedish Patent- and Registration Office
  • Senior Trademark Attorney - AstraZeneca
  • Senior Trademark Attorney - von lode (Law firm)


  • Member of the Board - The Swedish IP Attorneys Association IP Samfundet
  • Member of SIPF


  • Earlier memberships in ITMA, ECTA, Pharmaceutical Trademark Group (PTMG), Marques

Mats Kola


I am a lawyer with more than 15 years of experience in international IP law.


I have a background from the Swedish Patent and registration Office where I worked for two years.


I worked as a Senior Trademark Attorney/Legal Officer for more than eight years at AstraZeneca where I, among other things, introduced a new cost-efficient way of applying and working with trademarks. I also introduced an internal IP Guide which was roled out globally within the company. The purpose of the Guide was to increase knowledge of the importance of IP rights within the company. I also headed the Trademark Litigation Team globally.


I have experience from working at a law firm.


I also assist pure patent office´s clients in various IP Legal matters and may therefore assist you in finding a patent attorney.







+46 (0)76-104 99 48


Täppgatan 16

SE-151 33 Södertälje

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