IP Support, Advice, Protection


IP Legal support and coaching to internal IP functions within your company, managing projects


  • Legal & IP


  • National and international Legal IP services to companies as well as pure patent offices
  • How to best protect your our your clients IP rights.
  • What is important to consider before launch of a new product/service
  • What does Trade Secrets mean to your company and how do you protect them
  • Which IP Rights are important for your company, and which should you not waste time and money on
  • Educating employees in IP matters - Employees knowledge in IP matters is often overlooked. See them as the "eyes and ears" in the market.





  • Naming of products/services


  • Pharmaceutical Trademarks

Regulatory FDA (USA), EMA (EU) och Swedish Medical Product Agency (SE)


  • Registration of Trademarks


  • International Non-proprietary Names - INN (WHO)


  • Searches - Freedom to Use


  • Classification of Goods/Services - EU, USA och Kina


  • IP Oppositions


  • Freedom to Operate - Risk assessment before launch


  • Watch Services - Keeping track of Competitors



  • Contracts needed to secure your/your clients IP Rights


  • Employees
  • Partners
  • Third Party agreements


  • Licensing


  • Internet fraud / Piracy


  • Marketing Law


  • Negotiations


  • Warning letters


  • Trade Secrets




  • Which IP Rights are important/less important for your company
  • Educating employees in IP
  • Guides and Manuals for internal use
  • Routines to secure IP Rights




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